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The office was established by the Criminal Lawyer, Orit Hayoun following the end of her specialized period at the Tel Aviv District Attorney Office in 1999.  Criminal lawyer, Orit Hayoun, has an M.A. in Law from Bar Ilan University and specialized in Criminal law.

The office, which specializes in the fields of Criminal law and Civil rights, specialize in International Criminal law:  representing Israelis who were arrested abroad, in drug related cases, car accidents, fraud, manslaughter, extradition law and more. The Criminal lawyer Orit Hayoun and her team representing foreign citizens and tourist in Israel and working with Embassies and Foreign Affairs Offices around the globe. The Criminal Lawyer Hayoun Solve conflicts and crises and give prompt, professional solution within hours due to the office  co- operation with law firms all over the world.

If you were caught in a trouble 24 hours replay at + 972-506-330680 or + 972-3-5618866

Criminal lawyer, Orit Hayoun has acquired a vast amount of knowledge, built up over more than a decade of dealing with complicated and intricate cases many of which were extensively covered by the media and the press.  When defending the accused, her client, she is characterized by her determination and thoroughness.  Her office is meticulous in ensuring that each client, each case and every legal problem receives the absolute attention and dedication which it deserves.  The office's legal services include legal advice prior to investigation or interrogation, representation during investigation or interrogation, arrest proceedings and legal action to prevent arraignment.  The office also provides legal representation, management of evidence files, plea bargaining and all are relevant and required for each specific case and its circumstances.  On more than one occasion, when appearing before the court, she has been praised for her mastery and familiarity with the intricacies of the case and the rules of evidentiary law which were used for the benefit of the accused.

The decisions and verdicts of criminal lawyer, Orit Hayoun represent significant precedents in the field of criminal and military law, as well as women's and civil rights.


 Criminal lawyer, Orit Hayoun represents her clients whilst displaying respect for the courts and her professional associates.  At the same time, she gives personal attention and support for each client whilst preserving the highest standards of professionalism and integrity towards her opponent in the legal system.  Her activities for her clients can be characterized by her determination, her thoroughness, her reliability and integrity and her dedication.

Her legal activities also include public activities.  For example, The Criminal Lawyer,  Orit Hayoun acts as the legal advisor for  The Association for the Victims of Sexual Violence in Tel Aviv, she is a board and council member of the Prisoner Rehabilitation Association, a member of the  Israeli Bar Associations  Committee for Criminal Issues, a member of the Committee for the Promotion of Women's Rights and Status of the Israeli Bar Association, a member of the advisory committee to the Prisoner Rehabilitation Center (Yad L'Asir) and a board member of a public company.

  • Legal advisor for the Association for the Victims of Sexual Violence.
  • Board member of the Prisoner Rehabilitation Association.
  • Member of the Israeli Bar Associations Committee for Criminal Issues.
  • Member of the Committee for the Promotion of Women's Rights and Status of the Israeli Bar Association.
  • Certified Mediator (Gome Mediation Center).
  • Board member of a public company, Hayoun Computers Ltd.
  • Member Steering Committee of the Prisoner Rehabilitation Center (Yad L'Asir). 

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